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Art of Micro Fishing Tenkara Fishing Total Fishing Kit

Explore the Art of Micro Fishing Tenkara Micro Fishing Starter Kit

Art of Micro Fishing Tenkara Micro Fishing Starter Kit Review

The Tenkara Micro Fishing Starter Kit is a thoughtfully curated package that appeals to both novice and experienced anglers. It serves as an excellent entry point into the delicate and rewarding world of micro fishing.

Contents of the Kit:

  1. 10 ft 7:3 Action Telescopic Tenkara Rod: This rod is lightweight and offers exceptional control and sensitivity, essential for the finesse required in micro fishing. The premium cork handle adds to the comfort and grip. It’s convenient for travel, collapsing to a compact 40 cm (16 inches), and comes with a quality storage and carry case.
  2. Two 9ft Tapered Leaders: Including a 4x tippet and a 7x tippet, these leaders provide adaptability for various fishing scenarios, from streams to ponds.
  3. Two Packs of Pre-Snelled Hooks: The kit includes Aldridge #1 size 30 hooks and 1-2-3 Art of Micro Fishing hooks, each pack containing 10 hooks. These hooks are ready for immediate use, simplifying the setup process.
  4. Quick Connects Pack: These allow for fast and secure attachment of pre-snelled micro hooks to the leader, or for direct use with the hand pole, adding to the kit’s convenience.

Key Features:

  • Complete and Ready-to-Use: The kit is comprehensive, providing everything needed to start fishing right away.
  • Ease and Convenience: The quality carry case ensures protection during transport, while the pre-snelled hooks save time and hassle.
  • Versatile Fishing Experience: The kit is versatile enough for various micro fishing environments, targeting species like darters, trout, minnows, and bream.
  • Quality and Durability: Each component is carefully selected for quality, ensuring a durable and reliable fishing experience.

Tenkara Fly Fishing: This method, originating from Japan, involves a fixed length fly line without a reel reducing the chance of tangling and allowing for efficient fishing in creeks and rivers. It’s particularly effective for fast-paced fishing for micro species as well as panfish like Bluegill and Redbreast.

Conclusion: The Tenkara Micro Fishing Starter Kit stands out as an ideal choice for anyone passionate about micro fishing. Its thoughtful design, quality components, and versatile application make it a valuable tool for both beginners and seasoned anglers looking to explore the art of micro fishing​​.

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