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ID Guide to Catfish of the Southeastern United States

Black Bullhead Catfish Identification Guide

Catfish can all look alike at a casual glance. There are a handful of visual cues that can help identify the catfish species from one another. This guide will help you properly identify those catfish that are commonly caught and often misidentified. Adult Channel Catfish like the one pictured below …

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Redhorse Fishing Tackle for a Successful Moxostoma Trip

Redhorse Fishing Tackle

My typical Redhorse/Sucker gear. This is some of the gear I will typically use for very stubborn, light biting, weight sensitive Redhorse (Moxostoma), but other Sucker species can be caught as well with this gear. Top left to right: Gamakatsu Octopus Hook size 14 -for very small or weight-sensitive Suckers, …

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