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Cohutta Wilderness in the Chattahoochee National Forest for Rainbow and Brown Trout

United States. Forest Service. Southern Region, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Fishing has long been one of my favorite pastimes. Once I started driving most of my road trips were to places I had never fished before. One of them was the Cohutta Wilderness in North Georgia. It is a wonderful place with few people. There are a ton of native …

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ID Guide to Catfish of the Southeastern United States

Black Bullhead Catfish Identification Guide

Catfish can all look alike at a casual glance. There are a handful of visual cues that can help identify the catfish species from one another. This guide will help you properly identify those catfish that are commonly caught and often misidentified. Adult Channel Catfish like the one pictured below …

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Horsing Around With Moxostoma the Redhorse Sucker

V Lip Redhorse Moxostoma Species

Redhorse, also known as Moxostoma, are in the Sucker Family. They make up a large percentage of biomass in eastern US streams. They are sensitive feeders so they normally are not caught by anglers. Redhorse their sensitive mouths to collect insect larvae from underneath rocks in streams. Redhorse are found …

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Redhorse Fishing Tackle for a Successful Moxostoma Trip

Redhorse Fishing Tackle

My typical Redhorse/Sucker gear. This is some of the gear I will typically use for very stubborn, light biting, weight sensitive Redhorse (Moxostoma), but other Sucker species can be caught as well with this gear. Top left to right: Gamakatsu Octopus Hook size 14 -for very small or weight-sensitive Suckers, …

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What Line Rating Fishing Line Strength Should I Use?

Fishing tackle

Fishing line has a breaking point. All fishing line is rated with a system of weight it will withstand before it breaks. The strength of the line is measured in test, #, and similar variations to measure its strength. Fishing reels generally have a drag system that works somewhat like …

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The Art of Micro Fishing is Catching Tiny Little Fish and its Exciting!

Redline Darter Etheostoma rufilineatum is endemic to the southeast USA.

Micro fishing has been described as a sub-species of fishing and I think that term suits it best. Anglers who micro fish agree that specialized equipment works best for these specialized fish and new companies have formed making hooks, lines, weights, and accessories. The Art of Micro Fishing has developed …

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Drifting Bait in the Current for Trout

Trout streams and places to cast.

Drifting bait for trout can be an exciting way to pass the day away.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on gear and tackle unless you want to.  Many areas are stocking trout ion the rivers from spring through fall so your odds are good that you will feel …

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Delicious Ground Pike Patty Recipe

Fish patty recipe

We like fish and often make dishes other than baked or fried. Pike and pickerel tend to have a lot more bones in them than most other fish. I can filet the bones out but I’d rather filet most of the bones out and use a manual meat grinder with …

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