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Horsing Around With Moxostoma the Redhorse Sucker

V Lip Redhorse Moxostoma Species

Redhorse, also known as Moxostoma, are in the Sucker Family. They make up a large percentage of biomass in eastern US streams. They are sensitive feeders so they normally are not caught by anglers. Redhorse their sensitive mouths to collect insect larvae from underneath rocks in streams. Redhorse are found …

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Drifting Bait in the Current for Trout

Trout streams and places to cast.

Drifting bait for trout can be an exciting way to pass the day away.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on gear and tackle unless you want to.  Many areas are stocking trout ion the rivers from spring through fall so your odds are good that you will feel …

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