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Complete Micro Fishing Starter Kit by The Art of Micro Fishing – Your All-in-One Angling Solution


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Dive into the world of micro fishing with the Complete Micro Fishing Starter Kit by The Art of Micro Fishing. Specially curated for both beginners and seasoned anglers this kit combines quality, convenience, and expert design to deliver an unparalleled fishing experience.

What’s Included in Your Starter Kit:

  • Telescopic Fishing Pole: Experience the core of our kit, a lightweight and durable telescopic fishing pole perfect for anglers on the move. Its compact design and non-slip grip handle make it an ideal choice for all your micro fishing adventures.
  • Tapered Leaders (4x and 7x): Adapt to various fishing conditions with our two line sizes of tapered leaders. These leaders offer excellent turnover and are essential for a delicate and precise presentation of your bait. Use a quick connect to tie on the pre snelled AOMF micro fishing hook.
  • Tungsten Putty Weight: Achieve the perfect depth and bait presentation with our easy-to-use tungsten putty weight. Its versatility allows you to adjust the weight according to the fishing conditions. Lead free for fishing in states with lead restrictions on fishing weights and sinkers.
  • 20-Pack Micro Fishing Floats: Enhance your fishing technique with our pack of 20 micro fishing floats designed for superior buoyancy and visibility. Ensuring you never miss a bite. Wire threading makes these micro fishing floats easy to put onto your line or tapered leader.
  • Size #30 Presnelled Micro Fishing Hooks: Get ready to fish right out of the box with our pre-tied micro hooks perfect for those tiny catches. These hooks are designed for micro fishing ensuring a higher success rate. Pre tied with a 30cm leader and loop for easy and quick fishing.
  • 1-2-3 AOMF Pre-Snelled Assorted Size Microfishing Hooks: Variety is key in micro fishing and our assorted pack of pre-snelled hooks gives you the flexibility to adapt to different types of fish and conditions.
  • Quick Connects Pack: Save time and hassle with our quick connects making it easier than ever to switch between leaders and tackle keeping you focused on the fishing, not the setup. Perfect for our Art of Micro Fishing micro fishing hooks with loop.

Shipped from Rexburg, Idaho: Our starter kit is proudly assembled and shipped from Rexburg, Idaho ensuring quality and timely delivery to your doorstep.

Perfect for All Skill Levels: Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned angler this kit has everything you need to jump into the world of micro fishing. It’s also a great gift for the fishing enthusiast in your life. The perfect gift for all anglers.

Why Choose Our Starter Kit?

  • Convenience: Everything you need in one package.
  • Quality: Hand-selected items for optimal performance.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various fishing environments and techniques.
  • Local Support: Shipped directly from Rexburg, Idaho.

Get Started Today: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the exciting and rewarding world of micro fishing. Order your Complete Micro Fishing Starter Kit today and experience the joy and satisfaction of a well-equipped fishing adventure.