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Guy on a Buffalo Goes Best With A Bottle of Rum

guyonbuffaloAin’t really no good reason to sit around for an hour and a half but if you got an hour and a half and a half a fifth of rum, or gin, maybe even vodka, check this out. Its a 1978 film entitled simply Guy on a Buffalo. Just as the title represents, this high sitting young fellow traipses around wherever this is and does stuff. Man stuff. If you ever remember your uncle Julius showing up to the house in his Coupe DeVille looking for your dad, while he was half drunk wearing a butterfly collar velvet paisley shirt with a chewed up cigar hanging in his mouth talking incoherently then you may have seen this in the days of your youth. Otherwise you likely haven’t. Irregardless (yeah it isn’t really a word) check it out.

Guy on a Buffalo

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