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Delicious Ground Pike Patty Recipe

Fish patty recipe

We like fish and often make dishes other than baked or fried. Pike and pickerel tend to have a lot more bones in them than most other fish. I can filet the bones out but I’d rather filet most of the bones out and use a manual meat grinder with …

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Dough Bait for Carp

Carp wasn’t something that we caught growing up.  I spent a lot of time fishing the delta for trout, flounder, and redfish.  When I moved to Ohio I met a coworker named Jessie that introduced me to fishing for carp.  At lunch one day we left and headed to the …

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Telescopic Fishing Rods

We’ve all been there. We’ve been away on vacation or had to go across town and find a place to fish but we don’t want to carry around a six or 7 foot fishing rod on the bus.  Look what we can do with our telescopic fishing rod. It will …

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Scriber Lake

Went fishing at Scriber Lake today and caught one single trout.  It is better than staying in and watching FB update.

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Telescopic Travel Fishing Rods

The Versatile Telescopic Fishing Rod Telescopic fishing rods are a great way to take an impromptu side trip.  Pack rods and telescopic rods are a great way to take your fishing rod anywhere.  In fact our fishing rods have been to every continent except Antarctica (that we know of).  Ellis …

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