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Hot Fire Foam Dart Gun

Hot Fire Foam Dart Gun

Hot Fire Foam Dart GunThe Hot Fire dart gun looks similar to the Nerf Elite Firestrike. The Hot Fire blaster I found at a discount retail chain Tedi is very similar shape and color pattern to the Elite Firestrike.  

If you are on a budget and want a foam dart gun you may consider this model.

The Hot Fire is a one round firing system having an orange lever you pull back to cock the gun. Then you fire! The Hot Fire can shoot further than my Nerf Elite Firestrike.

Although the range is good, the accuracy is not as precise. The darts will usually shoot straight but a few of the darts will veer off hard to the side or occasionally spin.

The grip for the Hot Fire blaster is not designed for kids and adults with big hands, but it is good for kids with small hands. The trigger system is loose and could use some work. Trigger pull is slower and takes a little more to fire the dart. The Hot Fire has no tactical rails or any other optical equipment.
If you want an all around budget foam dart gun this one will do.  The price is good and it produces loads of fun on the cheap.

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