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Got a Booger? Pick it! Then Eat it to Boost Immunity!

boogereaterSitting down at your favorite restaurant you peer over the seat just in time to see a youngster pick his nose and quickly eat it. Disgusting you think, just when I’m about to eat this kid slurps a big juicy booger. Maybe, just maybe, you should take a cue from this booger eating brat.

“From an evolutionary perspective, we evolved under very dirty conditions and maybe this desire to keep our environment and our behaviors sterile isn’t actually working to our advantage,” Napper told the CBC.

Supposedly in the new thinking your body is making tasty boogers so your immune system knows whats going on. In more recent times there are more food allergies and similar maladies for higher income families

Napper told the CBC this theory may fit in with other evolutionary theories that suggest people’s improved hygiene over the years has led to increases in allergies and immune diseases.

The so-called “hygiene hypothesis” is a theory that early exposure to germs and certain infections could boost the development of the immune system, according to Dr. James T.C. Li of the Mayo Clinic.

Children who grow up in rural parts of the country and are around animals seem to be less likely to develop asthma than other children, Li added, though he said the hygiene hypothesis may be too simple of an explanation for this effect.

Recent studies suggest the hypothesis may explain whyfood allergies are more common in families with higher incomes compared to those with lower ones, and why U.S. born children are more likely to have allergic diseases like hay fever and eczema compared with foreign-born children.

Maybe not washing your hands and eating boogers is just what the doctor ordered? It makes sense, your body is bombarded with sterility from childhood as much as your parents or babysitter could. Those kids that live on farms or don’t have someone telling them not to eat boogers seem to benefit from it so it cant be all that bad. Eat a booger!

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