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Dough Bait for Carp

Carp bait can be made with wheaties, onion salt, and garlic powder. Put wheaties in a handcloth, two handfuls, then pour on onion salt about 3 tablespoons, then 3 tablespoons of garlic powder. Pull up the four corners of the cloth and twist to enclose the mixture. Dip it in …

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Outdoor Catered Get Together

We are pleased to announce our first catered outdoor get together. Bring your appetite and bring a friend for this delicious delectable palate pleasing good time.   You will surely enjoys these tasty treats. Each treat is made with care and the best natural ingredients available.  Each roll is lovingly …

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Caveman Feces Found Fossilized in Fire.

The cool wind blows between the trees and brushes against Arghh’s face.  He peers across the camp opening amongst the forest floor and realizes his in-laws campfire is no longer burning. The in-laws are also fast asleep. Feeling his morning constitution about to happen he defecates in their burned out …

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Telescopic Fishing Rods

We’ve all been there. We’ve been away on vacation or had to go across town and find a place to fish but we don’t want to carry around a six or 7 foot fishing rod on the bus.  Look what we can do with our telescopic fishing rod. It will …

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Scriber Lake

Went fishing at Scriber Lake today and caught one single trout.  It is better than staying in and watching FB update.

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Telescopic Travel Fishing Rods

The Versatile Telescopic Fishing Rod Telescopic fishing rods are a great way to take an impromptu side trip.  Pack rods and telescopic rods are a great way to take your fishing rod anywhere.  In fact our fishing rods have been to every continent except Antarctica (that we know of).  Ellis …

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