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Caveman Feces Found Fossilized in Fire.

CaveThe cool wind blows between the trees and brushes against Arghh’s face.  He peers across the camp opening amongst the forest floor and realizes his in-laws campfire is no longer burning. The in-laws are also fast asleep. Feeling his morning constitution about to happen he defecates in their burned out campfire as his final gesture of contempt. Afterword he hurriedly collects his bride and heads for solace in a new area anticipating his new start.

Arghh along with his wife and family have long since passed through this world (gluten intolerance?) but for some their journey is just starting. A modern day man has stumbled upon the camp where the in laws awoke thousands of years ago to find a giant turd in their fire and their only surviving daughter gone.

An old fossilized turd layed peacefully at rest in the ashes of a burnt out campfire 50,000 years ago has brought a newfound understanding og the Neanderthals diet. The fecal fossil confirmed that the Neanderthal did in fact eat vegetation. Surely we do not find it all that amazing that Neanderthals ate greens. After all it’s suspected all along they likely ate meat, berries, toenails and boogers as well. There’s no fossilized turd proof that they ate boogers but it probably goes without saying.

There seems to be little other new information to detail the biological movements of those days eons ago but these scientists really know their crap.


Read the article from the BBC here!

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