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Dough Bait for Carp

CarpCarp bait can be made with wheaties, onion salt, and garlic powder. Put wheaties in a handcloth, two handfuls, then pour on onion salt about 3 tablespoons, then 3 tablespoons of garlic powder. Pull up the four corners of the cloth and twist to enclose the mixture.

Dip it in the water to wet it, then knead the wheaties inside the cloth. Use your fingers to squeeze the flakes together and mix the powder to make a consistent dough. If it is too dry and you need more liquid get more water by redipping. To removed excess water squeeze out by tightening the cloth. Dough should hold on hook well and be rubbery and malleable.

Cover the entire hook and knot with a ball of dough.  Carp have a sensitive mouth and you want them to feel as little of your tackle as possible.

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